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after the storms. recovery and prayer in the midwest and south ravaged by deadly tornadoes. >> i just asked the lord if he'll spare my children. take everything. show the strength. president obama lays out his hand. >> now is the time to heed the timeless advice from teddy roosevelt. speak softly and carry a big stick. and super tuesday in sight. voters in ten states cast ballots in what could be a decisive day in the race for the republican presidential decisive day in the race for the republican presidential nomination. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, march 5, 2012. good morning everybody.
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thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. this morning, rescue crews are still searching for victims following a deadly tornado outbreak that hit the midwest and south. there are power and communications problems and cold, snowy weather is expected today in parts of the hardest hit areas. friday's storms killed at least 39 people across five states. parts of southern indiana and kentucky were just devastated. 21 people died in kentucky where the governor has asked for federal assistance. terrell brown is in henryville, indiana with the latest. good morning, terrell. >> betty, good morning to you. it was the unseasonably warm air that triggered these deadly storms causing damage that you see here like this. would you believe three days later, snow is falling across the same region and their timing couldn't be any worse as thousands here don't have power. people in henryville, indiana, are working together distributing water and sifting through donated supplies, food
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and clothing as they start to rebuild their lives. >> we're a tight knit place and we pull together when tragedy. >> two tornadoes hit henryville friday. one of them packed winds in excess of 165 miles per hour. the cleanup is under way, but it's going to take time and henryville school officials are trying to figure out how they'll finish the rest of the year. the elementary, middle and high school complex was destroyed. and it's the weather that could complicate cleanup efforts. winter weather watches, advisories and warnings are up against indiana and kentucky, up to four inches of snow could fall here in henryville. in west liberty, kentucky utility trucks rolled in to help restore power. neighbors with picking through mounds much debris. >> they're going to have to start all over. we will. >> doris shut's home was blown apart. she recovered a few family photos. >> i have my husband and my
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family. that was my biggest fear when it happened. we weren't together when it happened. >> but at least 39 people died across five states. 15-month-old angel babcock from new peekin -- she was found alive but died from her injuries sunday night. >> betty, the weather here, this all but stops. the cleanup effort, there is debris covered by snow, power lines are down. there are slick roads. the snow is expected to taper off later this morning. >> terrell brown, in henryville, indiana. terrell, thank you. overseas gunmen in iraq attacked two police security checkpoints. at least 25 policeman were killed in the early morning raids. they were wearing military-style uniforms and after the attack the gunmen raidsed an al qaeda flag. >> the president meets with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. how to deal with iran's nuclear
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program will likely dominate the conversation. he talked about a pro-israel lobby yesterday. os reported, military force should be a last resort. >> already there's too much loose talk of war. >> in speaking to the pro-israel lobby aipac, president obama walked a delicate line. he pledged the u.s. will stand with israel. if force is ultimately needed to keep iran from building nuclear bombs. >> iran's leader should have no doubt about the resolve of the you state. i have said when it comes to preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, i will take no options off the table and i mean what i say. >> but he argued with sanctions biting hard and crippling iran's economy. it is not yet time for war. >> now is not the time for bluster. now is the time to let our increased pressure sink in. >> it's the same message the president is expected to deliver in a meeting with israeli prime
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minister netanyahu who made it clear israel doesn't need u.s. permission to attack iran. they had an icy summit last may when netanyahu thanked the president for preserving of the military option in the campaign to stop the nuclear weapons program. >> most of all, i appreciated the fact that he said israel must be able to dough fend itself by itself gents any threat. >> while israeli and u.s. officials agree, they disagree over the i am nens of the threat. intelligence analysts say iran has not yet decided to build a bomb, but the developing capability has israel on edge. he's an analyst for the center for strategic and international studies. >> israel has a history of using military options because they feel that reinforcing their deterrence is one of the most important things they can do. i don't think the israelis have made a decision, i don't think
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israeli decision makers know what the answer is going to be. >> when netanyahu addresses. the more important words will be spoken privately in his face-to-face meeting at the white house with the president. bob orr, cbs news, the white house. tomorrow is super tuesday, which may turn out to be a decisive day in the race for the republican presidential nomination. voters in ten states cast ballots. the biggest single voting day in this year's primary season. a just released nbc news poll finds mitt romney leading rick santorum nationally among republican voters. while 40% of all voters say the bruising primary battle has left them with a less favorable opinion about the gop. drew levinson has our report. >> reporter: the gop front-runner went to georgia sunday where he served up pancakes. >> not every day you get served by the next president sniept and promise. >> mitt romney again ignored his republican rivals and attacked
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president obama. >> he's been in office for three years. i'm still waiting to hear what his jobs plan is. how he's going to make america more competitive, how he's going to put us back to work. >> georgia offers the most delegates and it's newt gingrichter toir. the former house speaker served the state in congress. he says it's a must win. >> you lose all credibility if the folks who know you best repudiate you. >> rick santorum also expects to do well in the south but says he and gingrich are after the same conservative voters. >> it's always harder when you have two conservative candidates running in the race as we've seen in washington, we've seen in some of the other states. we have the anti-romney vote if you will. both gingrich and i are out there slugging away. >> santorum and romney are locked in a tight race in ohio. a key state tuesday because it's a general election battleground. a new nbc marist poll shows santorum leading romney by just
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two points. ohio is one of ten states up for grabs tuesday with more than 400 delegates at stake. republicans could see their nominee emerge from these contests or could once again shake up the race. drew levinson, cbs news. ron paul was campaigning in alaska where 27 delegates are up for grabs tomorrow. paul admitted to bob schieffer that he's a long shot to capture the gop nomination. >> do i believe i can win? yes. do i believe the chances are slim? yes, i do. but things happen in this world that we don't have total control of and we live in a world that's very much in flux. >> paul says he thinks he can win three states tuesday. alaska, idaho and north dakota. opponents of newly elected russian president vladimir putin plan a mass dem station tonight in moscow. after he was easily elected to a six-year term. he served as president for eight
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years before becoming prime minister. independent observers have witnessed extensive voting irregularities. coming up on the morning news, bp agrees to shell out billions of dollars to settle the gulf oil spill suit. plus who is the richest of them all? bloom perfecting is out with a new method of tracking the world's wealthiest people. first, scott pelley has a preview of "cbs evening news." babies and toddlers lead to behavior and emotional problems as the children get older? find out what scientists discovered tonight on the "cbs evening news."
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scientists still are not sure why. quite a sight there. in alabama, voting rights demonstrators are reenacting a key event of the civil rights era. the march from selma to montgomery, the state capital. thousands marked its 47th anniversary yesterday crossing a selma bridge where marchers were beaten by police in 1965. hundreds are expected to march the full 50 miles to montgomery protesting the tough new immigration and voter i.d. laws. on the cbs "moneywatch," bp agreed to a multibillion dollar settlement and bloomberg ranks the world's wealthiest individuals. ashley morrison is here with that. we're not on that last, unfortunately, ashley. >> i was check and i could not find our names. >> yeah. >> stocks overseas dropped following low annual growth forecast from china, toke yaes fell 1%. while the hang seng erased nearly 1.5%. this week the government releases the february unemployment report. the economy could gain 200,000
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jobs for a third consecutive month. stocks were up to close out february. the dow added 33 points last week while the nasdaq gained 11. market analysts expect the price of bp shares to rise after the company a nouned a settlement with thousands of victim of the gulf oil spill. bp will pay $7.8 billion to cover claims, including property damage, lost wages and losses to businesses. officials in massachusetts are keeping a close watch on how much people are paying at the pump. the state's office of consumer affairs ordered field inspectors to look for possible price gouging and false advertising. the average price for a gallon of regular in massachusetts is $3.73. excitement is building amongst apple fans ahead of the company's ipad-related announcement this week. it's believed apple will unveil the ipad 3 on wednesday. some retailers, including best buy, have already started to cut prices on the ipad 2.
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and bloomberg is out with its first ever daily ranking of the world's wealthiest people. the new index track for wealth of the top 20 billionaires on a day-to-day basis. topping the list is carlos slim. he's worth an estimated $68.5 billion. and to give you an idea of just how wealthy he is, he actually lost $478 million when the markets dipped on friday. bill gates is second with $62.4 billion. investor warren buffett is third with $43.8 billion and here is definitely a name to keep your eye on. eike ba tis a is 5th. he vows to become the richest person by 2015. he has about $39 billion to go. that makes me feel like i've set the bar really low. >> we're total underachievers. >> got to work on our ambitions. >> ashley morrison. in new york, thank you.
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angeles. time now for a check of the national forecast. wet snow will cross out of the appalachians into the southern mid-atlantic states. most of the south will be sunny. there will be snow showers from northwestern pennsylvania to northern new england. it will be mostly dry in the midwest and the plains and a new pacific storm will bring rain and heavy mountain snow to the northwest. in sports, a feast of exciting finishes and let's serve the golf course first. there was a gator in the water and a tiger on the grass at the honda classic in florida. tiger sat two eagles putts during his best final round of. a perfect approach and birdie putt on 18 for a 62. finishing 10 under par. couldn't catch rory mcilroy and he held the lead with a great bunker shot on 17. and a winning tap-in and then he becomes top ranked player in the world. congratulations. now to nba action. what a night it was for the nets
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darren williams in charlotte. he was hot from the get-go. draining three-pointer almost at will. he hit all 21 on the way to listen to this, 57 points. that is a franchise record and tops in the league this season. even so, the bobcats -- d.j. august stin missed a three and new jersey won 104-101. in college hoops, a big 10 showdown. ohio state at michigan state. late in the game, the spartans muscled inside to tie it at 68. with time running out, buford drained a long fade away. the buckeyes won it 72-70. when we return, desperate digging. the race to rescue three children trapped in a collapsed house in china. my name is robin. i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support,
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here's a look at today's
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forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., partly cloudy, 44. atlanta, sunny, 55. detroit, partly sunny, 30. denver, sunny, 67 and seattle, you'll see some showers, but it is 47 degrees today. here's another look at the this morning's top stories. recovery efforts are under way in the midwest and south where at least 39 people were killed by a string of tornadoes on friday. the latest victim was an indiana toddler who was found in a field near her home friday. she died yesterday. and president obama says he will not hesitate to use force to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. but the president told a pro-israeli lobby yesterday that force is the last option. hundreds are dead in the republican of congo in west africa after a fire at a new missions depot set off a series of explosions. it started sunday morning at the capital and went on for hours.
4:22 am
parts of the city, including churches filled with worshippers were leveled. perhaps 1500 injured. poland began two days of mourning for the victims of a weekend train wreck. two trains collided head on killing at least 16 people including an american welcome who has not been identified. 60 others were injured. firefighters and rail crews spent sunday clearing the wreckage so the track repairs can begin. in southwest china a dramatic rescue. firefighters were able to pull out three children from the debris of a collapsed house over the weekend. dozens of rescuers were on the scene minutes after that collapse and many dug with their bare hands to find the children. ages four to 14, who were all hospitalized. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," why eating fish may improve your memory. i'm betty nguyen, this is the
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. good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is monday already, march 5. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck.
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here is monika santami with traffic. mr. bernstein, how was your weekend? fine. it's march 5. we have a little snow on the way but conversational stuff like we were talking about. well south of town, you have to get south of fredricksburg, maybe lunchburg, those areas, they may get a little on grassy surfaces but around here other than wet, light snow and flurries, not expecting much more than that. looking at the day planner, plenty of clouds. again later this morning maybe a little light snow or flurries developing. we'll have a noontime temperature still only around 40 degrees with a bit of a breeze kicking up. it is going to be a chilly day. by 5:00 p.m. mostly cloudy skies and 44. you can see the system off to the west this morning as we've got temperatures cold enough to support some snow and to charleston -- west virginia that is coming out of kentucky. this is going to slide off across southern virginia. areas along and south of interstate 64 have a much
4:27 am
better chance of seeing some stuff than we do. we have our temperatures this morning in leesburg in the upper 20s. culpeper 28. 32 fredricksburg. you've got to be down here i think if you're going to get anything on mainly the grassy surfaces. we're 33. not a very warm day. in fact, i think the highs we're looking at here, even these are a few degrees too high. we're likely only going to be maybe 3-- maybe 42, 43, 44 degrees. now to time saver traffic. good morning, everybody. you have construction inbound here between nutley street and the beltway. two lanes blocked. be aware of that as you head inbound but volumes are light. at 4:3 in the morning i think you should be okay if that's your' headed. 95 and 395, this is pretty much what it looks like between the occoquan river and the 14th
4:28 am
street bridge. let's go back over to the maps. want to give you a heads up. there's been intermittent closures on the inner loop of the beltway between route 50 and 202. they say the construction should be cleared up by 5:00 this morning. let's take a look live at the wilson bridge south of town. no worries between oxon hill and alexandria. in my next report, another look all around town at 4:39. the death toll is now at 39 across five states after those powerful tornadoes tore through the midwest and the south on friday. >> indiana and kentucky were some of the hardest hit areas. terrell brown shows us how the town of henryville, indiana is trying to pick up the pieces. >> reporter: people in henryville, indiana are working together distributing water and sifting through donated supplies, food and clothing as they start to rebuild their lives. >> we're a tight knit place and pull together when there's tragedy. >> reporter: two tornadoes hit
4:29 am
henryville friday. one of them packed winds in excess of 165 miles per hour. the cleanup is under way but it's going to take time. school officials are trying to figure out how they'll finish the rest of the year. the elementary, middle and high school complex was destroyed. winter weather watches, advisories and warnings are up across indiana and kentucky. up to four inches of snow could fall here in henryville. in west liberty, kentucky, utility trucks rolled in to help restore power. crews are working alongside neighbors who are picking through mounds of debris we're going to have to start all over. >> reporter: this woman's home was blown apart. she recovered a few photos but she said she was one of the lucky ones. >> i had my husband and my family. that was my biggest fear because we weren't togeer

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